Single Republic Telecommunication Network

Creation of a Unified Republican Data Network (ERSPD) in Belarus is stipulated by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus under number 515 «On Some Measures for the Development of Telecommunication Network in the Republic of Belarus». The Decree presupposes an integration of telecommunication networks of state administration bodies, local executive organs, other state bodies and organisations. Private companies and sole proprietors can also connect their telecommunication networks to the ERSPD.  However, the telecommunication networks which deal with providing national security, military defence and policing will not be included into the ERSPD.

JLLC «Belarusian Cloud Technologies» is dealing with the construction of the backbone ERSPD network being the first supplier of ERSPD infrastructureand its services in the future.

The development and performance of the Single Republic Telecommunication Network designed for the delivering various convergent services is controlled by the RUE «National Traffic Exchange Center». The NTEC is liable to transmit international traffic and connect to foreign telecommunication networks. Its tasks are to provide security against unauthorised access to the ERSPD, arrange cooperation of different telecommunication networks and charging for their connection to the ERSPD. A coordination contract  is settled between

JLLC «Belarusian Cloud Technologies» and RUE «National Traffic Exchange Center» which regulates relationship between the parties and establishes areas of responsibilities and competencies.


DWDM network

A backbone network for the developing of the Unified Republican Data Network is the DWDM network. The DWDM network is a high-speed trunk telecommunication network which serves as a basis for the construction of IP/MPLS network providing transit traffic through Belarus. DWDM network nodes will be situated in regional and district centers of Belarus.

Diagram of network DWDM

Diagram of network DWDM

Topology IP/ MPLS network

Topology IP/ MPLS network

IP/MPLS Network Topology

Multiservice IP/MPLS network is built on the basis of DWDM network which is able to provide convergence data transfer service to all users of the ERSPD. IP/MPLS network nodes will be placed on 12 regional platforms (2 in each region). Besides, it is planned to launch 60 nodes for IP/MPLS network access. In perspective, the connection of the base LTE stations to the nodes of access is expected.

IP/MPLS network uses high-speed 100bit/s channels for the connection of core and regional nodes. For the connection of the nodes of access 10bit/s channels will be used. The network topology presupposes the use of load balancing and protection in case of a failure of network elements or channels. Услуги доступа к сети Интернет

Telephone Switching

One of the services provided by IP/MPLS network is the service of voice data transmission. It is based on the use of software switching technology and convergence media gateway with the possibility of TDM as well as IP packet switching.

Network architecture is organized by placing two softswitches and two media gateways with the performance of Dual-Homing mechanism. Dual-Homing mechanism presupposes including all media gateways into all the switchboards in Minsk in load sharing regime. That way, proportional signalling traffic between all the network elements is organized; in case of a partial or a full stop of one or more controllers, the rest of them will be able to serve all the media gateways in the network without any communication gaps with the preserving of the qualitative indicators.Услуги по пропуску транзитного телефонного трафика

Mechanism of Dual-Homing

Mechanism of Dual-Homing

1st stage
2st stage
3st stage
4st stage

Billing centr

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