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Internet Access Service

JLLC «Belarussian Cloud Technologies» supports dedicated Internet access (DIA) with the use of its own channels of data transmission, providing immediate access to all the international network segments and high-speed transmission of high traffic volume. It also provides an access to any informational and multimedia content of the Internet.

Internet access service is provided by the backbone network of the Single Republic Telecommunication Network. The network access rate is from 1Mbit/s to 10Gbit/s. The planned capacity of external channel is 400Gbit/s, and the capacity of the Single Republic Telecommunication Network is up to 200Gbit/s (from province to province), up to 20Gbit/s (from province to regional center). The network is built taking into account any possible extensions and magnification. About building phase see in IP/MPLS scheme.

Today the connection is possible in Minsk, Grodno, and Vitebsk. service users can be telecom carriers and providers registered in Belarus, legal persons.


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Key Client Relations Department

E-mail: sale@becloud.by

Тел.: +375 17 327 80 50(for contract negotiations and management)

24/7 Support Hotline

E-mail: noc@becloud.by

Тел.: +375 17 399 36 63

Vel.: +375 44 508 15 35

МТС: +375 29 233 15 35

Life: +375 25 988 15 35(for technical advice)