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Year of foundation: 2012

The telecommunications market is booming. We are witnessing the implementation of the advanced technologies and digital transformation of the society, the increasing role of "clouds" and high-speed Internet.

Belarusian Cloud Technologies JLLC (TM beCloud) is one of the leading providers of the telecommunications and IT infrastructure, as well as hosting services and cloud solutions in the Republic of Belarus. The company provides services via its own networks and a data center, based on the world's best practices and innovative experience of the leading companies. The company, founded on December 19, 2012, has become the first infrastructure operator in Belarus.

beCloud – the first infrastructure operator in Belarus

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Data Center the Republican Data Center

The Republican Data Center is one of the most state-of-the-art and reliable data centers in Eastern Europe, providing customers with the highest level of the security, fault tolerance and high-quality technical support. The beCloud specialists have created a data center using long-term experience and technical solutions of the world's best brands.

The state cloud platform beCloud based on the data center is created to provide access to cloud services for state bodies and business companies. The clients can use the services of collocation of IT-equipment, as well as service systems for IaaS, SaaS, ВaaS etc.

Certificates and Statuses

URDN the Unified Republican Data Network

beCloud operates using a so called “operator of operators” global business model. It enables service providers to use the services of one of the company's key projects - the Unified Republican Data Network (the URDN), which opens up qualitatively new opportunities for the leading companies in the telecommunications market of Belarus.

The created infrastructure is used for implementation of the projects on construction of the Unified Mobile Cellular Telecommunications Network 4G (LTE) and the Republican Data Center (the RDC) beCloud.

Users of the beCloud URDN include telecommunication operators and providers registered in the Republic of Belarus, as well as legal entities. The created infrastructure allows us to provide telecommunication services both as a public switched telephone network and as a data transfer network.

The high-speed DWDM backbone network is a basis of the URDN. This transport network is a foundation for a multi-service IP/MPLS network based on IP protocols and capable of providing a wide range of telecommunications services.

Every month beCloud covers 35-40% of of the voice traffic transit mobile operators in Belarus.

beСloud has created the favorable conditions for any operator to transfer data to any regions of Belarus without significant capital expenditures.

DWDM Network Construction Scheme

LTE Advanced pro 4G Network Infrastructure

LTE (4G) technology is a new standard for broadband wireless communications. The LTE network implementation project is one of the key projects in the beCloud product package. The company is the only holder of a license to provide LTE services in Belarus. Commercial operation of the Unified Mobile Cellular Telecommunications Network using LTE technology began in December 2015. Today, the network covers more than 190 settlements of the Republic of Belarus, including Minsk, regional and district centers, as well as major highways and some socially important objects. 76% of the population of the Republic of Belarus has the opportunity to use high-speed mobile data services.

beCloud provides services on access to the Unified Mobile Cellular Telecommunications Network via LTE technology for mobile telecommunication operators of the Republic of Belarus, which, in their turn, provide data transmission services to their subscribers.

Coverage area LTE (4G):

Base station range:

LTE 800:
800 MHz band (and lower bands) has a long range and is intended to spread LTE's wide geographic coverage. Networks in rural areas are deployed exactly in this range.

LTE 1800:
1800 MHz is the main band for providing coverage of the mobile communication network using LTE technology in population center. Using the 1800 MHz band provides a reasonable compromise between range, room penetration and bandwidth.

LTE 2600:
Using 2600 MHz band improves network bandwidth, and therefore increases data transfer speed in places of the greatest concentration of 4G users. Places for such base stations are selected based on their workload and the needs of users. So users can use 4G communication even more comfortably.

Average speed:

Information on network coverage is indicative, actual network coverage and actual data reception /transmission speed depends on the type and characteristics of the user’s device, radio conditions at the user's location, relief and meteorological conditions, the number of users with devices operating in the same cell.

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