Colocation is a service for providing the infrastructure of the RDC

Reliable infrastructure for your business

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Secure virtual infrastructure

Reliable, compatible and fault-free service (IaaS)

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Private cloud

Ensures maximum security of IT-services, reduces capital investments and increases operational efficiency of IT-resources

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We provide our customers with the widest range of IT services
The RDC’s services The URDN services The LTE Advanced Pro services
Access to the Unified LTE network

About Company

Year of foundation: 2012
beCloud is the first infrastructure operator in Belarus

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The main principle of our work is the client's trust in the provider. We know well how important reliability and fault tolerance are, so we reserve our infrastructure and control thousands of little things that are key


When providing services, the requirements of the legislation related to the technical protection of information are met. All our software products are certified, the used software is licensed


We study the needs of our clients and provide those infrastructure solutions that will help the client to focus on business goals and optimize communication and IT costs. We work with both standard and individual solutions, we are flexible in terms of cooperation

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